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Mouflon stalking 


The Mediterranean mouflon was introduced to the Pyrenees in the 1960s. It is not found throughout the mountain range, but where it is present, its population can be very large.


Due to its extremely distrustful nature and as it lives in stony environments, the mouflon is one of the most difficult games to stalk.


The hunting areas range from 800 to 1,200 metres above the sea level.


The best period goes from October to November, which corresponds to the rutting season.

But later on, snowfalls can bring the mouflons down, and the end of the season can be full of surprises with the hunting of beautiful mouflons that have remained out of sight until now.


As for hunting conditions, they are subject to change depending on the environment and the weather. A good hiking outfit consisting of hiking boots, warm, breathable clothing and a backpack is highly recommended.


The hunting day is organized as follows: the hunter is picked up from his accommodation before daybreak and driven to the hunting area in the guide's vehicle.

The hunter and his guide then explore the area on foot.


The hunting areas are more or less easy to access and the level of difficulty will be adapted to the hunter's physical condition.


Hunting is by the day, and lunch is taken from the bag.


We offer accommodation to suit the hunter's schedule.


Dinner times are to be arranged with the accommodation owners.

Further information:


- Period from October to February 15

- Daily hunting

- Temporary validation 3 renewable days or 9 days

- Department: 09

- Recommended calibres: 270, 280, 7*64, 7rm, 6.5 creedmoor

- Bow 50lbs mini. hunting broadheads

- Possible to rent hunting weapons: Cal 270win or Cal 30.06 riflescope Zeiss 3-12x50 and sound moderator

- Hiking clothing in silent material, preferably camo, 20 to 40 liter mountain backpack for spare clothes/meal/water, hiking boots, gaiters (only if they don't make rubbing sounds)



Difficulty level: ***

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