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Depending on the type of hunting trip, we offer a range of accommodation options.

Selected for their hospitality and for the quality of services, their opening hours are adapted to the hunting activities.


They are located close to hunting areas to keep vehicle travel to a minimum.

Ostal Cassinia


Ostal Cassinia - terrasse et piscine
Ostal Cassinia - salon
Ostal Cassinia - chambre

Les Pesques

Les Pesques - façade
Les Pesques - table jardin
Les Pesques - balcon et jardin

Maison Matalot

Maison Matalot - chambre
Maison Matalot - jardin
Maison Matalot - piscine

Chateau de la Hille

Château de la Hille - extérieur
Château de la Hille - chambre
Château de la Hille - jacuzzi
Domaine La Tour
Domaine La Tour - extérieur
Domaine La Tour - chambre
Domaine La Tour - salle de bains
Ânes et Logis
Anes et Logis - extérieur
Anes et Logis - chambre
Anes et Logis - piscine


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