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Roe deer

Roe deer hunting in summer

Roe deer stalking takes place during the summer period, from June 1 to September 15, opening of the general hunting season.


This is the most favorable time for stalking the great roe deers. The abundance of food and the rut bring them out.


The selected areas are made up of hilly zones where small woods, meadows, wasteland and mixed cereal crops alternate.

This type of environment and the sunshine of South-West France make it perfect for this game to thrive.

Here, 20% of the hunted roe deers are medal-worthy. The trophy's quality will be estimated in situ, but only after official grading will the trophy be classified.


To ensure that your trip runs smoothly, I explore the hunting areas in spring to identify the best roe deers and take you out on them when hunting season arrives.


The hunt itself is organized into two daily outings, one in the morning and the other in the evening, which equates to around 6 to 8 hours.

The hunter is picked up at his accommodation and driven to the hunting area in the guide's vehicle. The hunter and his guide then explore the area on foot. The hunting areas are easy to access and have many trails.


We offer accommodation to suit the hunter's schedule.

After the morning outing, you'll be offered a South-Western French snack there.


Lunch and dinner times are to be arranged with the accommodation owners.


Groups possible: up to 6 hunters depending on the guiding formula.



Further information:


- Period from June 1 to September 15

- Daily hunting

- Temporary validation 3 renewable days or 9 days

- Departments: 09 and 31

- Recommended calibers: 243, 270, 6*62, 7*64, 7 rm.

- Bow 45lbs mini. hunting broadheads

- Possible to rent hunting weapons: Cal 270win or Cal 30.06 riflescope Zeiss 3-12x50 and sound moderator

- Summer and rain clothing, preferably in silent material, camo, flexibles walking shoes and boots.

Difficulty level: *

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