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Roe Buck

The summer hunting of the Roe Buck

The stalking of the Roe Buck takes place during the summer period, from June 1st till September 15th, dates the general opening.

It is the most favorable moment of the hunting season for the stalking of big Roe Buck.
The profusion of food and the progress of the rutting season take out them of the discretion.....

The selected territories consist of zone hilly where alternates kindlings, meadows, fallow lands and cereal mixed farming.
This type of environment and the period of sunshine the cocktail of which profit the Southwest of France are completed for the good development of the roe deer.
Here taken Roe Buck are there well, even very well and 10 in 15 % of taken brocades are médaillables.

An estimation of the quality of the trophy will be made on the ground but is only after official quotation that the trophy will be classified.

To prepare the good progress of your stays, a location is made throughout the spring with the aim of listing the best Roe Buck and taking you above the come hunting season.

As for the hunting itself, it gets organized in two daily releases, one in the morning and the other one in the evening what represents approximately 6 at 7 am of hunting.
The hunter is got back in its accommodation and transported on the zone of hunting with the vehicle of the guide.
Then, the hunter and his guide canvass the zone on foot.
Sectors are easily accessible and numerous paths travel them.


The proposed accommodations adapt themselves to the schedules of hunters.

Following the morning release a Break Fust of the Southwest will be proposed to you there.

The schedules of the meal of noon evening and will be to determine with the persons in charge of the accommodation.


Possibility reception of groups: 2 in 3 hunters.



Further information:


- Period from June 1st till September 15th

- Hunting every day

- Temporary Validation 3 renewable days or 9 days

- Departments: 09 and 31

- Advised Calibres: 243, 270, 6*62, 7*64, 7 rm.

- Bow 50lbs mini. Blades of hunting

- Possibility rent of rifle: Cal 270win or Cal 30.06 riflescope Zeiss 3-12x50 and silencer

or Cal 6.5 creedmoor / riflescope 6-24x50

- Summer clothing and rain in silent material preferably camo, soft walking shoes and boots.



Difficulty level:*

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Roe Buck
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