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Red Stag

The Red Stag in rutting in Pyrenees

The stalking of the Red Stag is made in the beginnings of the autumn, from September 15th till October .

It is a moment of the magic year when the morning freshness and the decrease of the length of the days activate rutting season of the Red Stag.

It is in this period that the most beautiful Red Stag decide then on to go out of the depth of forests to constitute their harem of does.

The stalking is not for all that easy there because surrounded with his sentinels of does, the approach is not beforehand won.

Here the population of Reds Stags is important and even if their physical size is lower that in zones less uneven, the trophies of deer remain good there and the carrying Reds Stags 10, 12 even 14 points are current there.


As for the hunting itself, it gets organized in two daily releases, one in the morning and the other one in the evening but she can also take place throughout the day according to the intensity of the rutting.

The hunter is got back in its accommodation and transported on the zone of hunting with the vehicle of the guide.
Then, the hunter and his guide canvass the zone on foot.
Sectors are more or less easily accessible and the difficulty of the hunting will be adapted to the physical condition of the hunter.

The proposed accommodations adapt themselves to the schedules of hunters.

The schedules of the meal of noon evening and will be to determine with the persons in charge of the accommodation.



Further information:

- Period from September 15th till October
- Hunting every day
- Temporary validation 3 renewable days or 9 days
- Departments: 09
- Advised calibres: 7*64, 270 , 280, 7rm, 300w, 300 weatherby, 338
- Bow 60lbs mini. Hunting Blades
- Possibility rent of rifle: Cal 270win or Cal 30.06 riflescope Zeiss 3-12x50 and silencer

- Summer and autumn clothing in silent material preferably camo, soft walking shoes and boots.

Difficulty level:**

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Red Stag
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