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Hunting Season 2017-2018
On the foothills of Pyrenees the Hunting season 2017-2018 gets ready.

Applied in the location pre-season and the discovery of new territories of hunting,
Pyrénées Chasses d'Approches proposes more and more possibilities of stalking on some Roe Buck, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Izard, Chamois and Mouflon.

Highlights Summer, 2017 " The summer hunting of the Roe Buck ".
Highlights Autumn, 2017 " the Red Deer in Rutting " and " the Rutting season of the Fallow Deer "
Autumn and winter highlights on 2017-2018 " The Hunting of Mountain " in the Izard, in the Chamois, in the Mouflon and in the Red Deer.

Beautiful densities and beautiful trophies wait for you there.

Roe Buck Summer


This year the plan of

 " Summer Hunting "

is of over

100 Roes Bucks to be taken on

a surface of

40 000 hectares

of Natural Meadows, Groves

and Cereal Mixed Farmings.

The Holidays this summer in Pièmonts Pyrénéens ......
It can be, stalk Roe Buck at daybreak, then move on by visits of Cathar castles, Prehistoric Caves, or by natural activities as fishing Trout.
You are lacking ideas?
View the video which follows!

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