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of  Bow Hunting

According to your mode of preference hide or stalk your stay will be prepared by such way to offer you a maximum of opportunities of taking.


For that purpose, besides the preliminary location of the zones of hunting and animals seeing frequently it.


It is possible to me to set up hides of type tree stand on the strategic points of passage of animals.


If you wish to use your own equipment of type tree stand automobile climbing trees situated strategically on the zones of passage of animals will be cleared to facilitate the ascent.


In both cases aforesaid, windows of shootings will be well before fitted out your coming to avoid the fright of animals.



As for the bowhunting for the stalk it will be participative to make you progress in this art.


The guide and the bowhunter will progress together until arrive as closely as possible to the selected animal.


The bowhunter will then decide to finalize the act by the flight of its arro.


To take advantage completely of your stay, before your coming, your bow will have to be perfectly settled with filds points and broad heads.

A regular training will allow you to be canary in your released by arrows in all the met conditions of shooting.



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